Ritopriyo Saha is a contemporary visual artist born in 1986 Calcutta, presently living and working in Bangalore. He is the founder of TRIPPINK, which is known as a premium tattoo, art & music studio in Bangalore where he practices and teaches tattoo, painting and sculpture. In his personal time he writes prose and poetry, composes music on the piano, and makes independent short films receiving critical acclaim in a few film festivals across the world. He is known for organizing intimate gatherings for live music, performance art, dance, poetry and art related workshops, a breakthrough initiative to encourage young and upcoming independent talents from all fields of art.

Ritopriyo revels in abstract expressionism drawing inspiration from traditional Indian Art as well as contemporary European styles. His creative practice reflects flow, movement and balance delving in situational mind spaces of existential relationships and memories. His storytelling reverberates mostly around the rustic life of India showcasing deep human emotions of a “common man” stimulated by real and intense personal experiences.

Artist's Style (HIJI BIJI):

Wild chaotic lines scribbled on paper with ball-point pen and oil pastels, finished with bold, colourful and expressive human forms telling us thoughtful stories of joy, pain, love and desire. This style resembles the mayhem and madness of life on earth and all of its intricate emotions, although confusing in the microcosm finds a distinct meaning when seen from a distance. This process involves a heightened sense of flow, movement and balance which is akin to the larger plan of the universe which seems to be working in perfect harmony despite all the disarray in everyday human life.

Artist's Objective:

To find a suitable business partner who is willing to take Ritopriyo’s artwork & creative endeavours to a global community of art patrons. Ritopriyo’s personal goal as a contemporary artist & art educator is to create an engaging art & culture platform for the young generation of our times, enabling them to interact and express themselves fully through various art forms in the most efficient and potent ways. His motto is to keep exploring, experimenting and evolving with new tools and medium available in today’s world for the fast progress of innovative modern art in India.

Art Education:

  • FTII Online – Film Direction by Avinash Roy and Jasmine Kaur Roy
  • FTII Online – Film Appreciation by Arunaraje Patil
  • METAFORA, Barcelona – International Contemporary Art School
    (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Installations, Video & Performance Art)
  • NATHANIEL SCHOOL OF MUSIC – Piano Tutorials from Jason Zachariah
  • FORUM-THREE, Bangalore – Theatre Workshops from Ranjon & Sangeeta Ghoshal
  • Independent Acting Workshops from Debanjana Dey (Bangalore)
  • Independent Visual Arts Tuition from Barun Gayen (Kolkata)

Art Apprenticeship:

  1. Painting with Piotr Perski, Barcelona (1 year)
  2. Sculpture with KS Radhakrishnan, New Delhi (6 months)
  3. Sculpture with GC Paul & Sons, Kolkata (3 months)
  4. Performance Art with Jette Bjerg, Barcelona (1 year)
  5. Art & Music Direction with Trippink Alive Productions, Eastern Light Films, Buddha Films, and Forum-Three (2016 – present)

Art & Culture Events:

  1. Cinema of Excess – Live at Trippink Studio by Space Sessions (2021)
  2. Piyush Bhisekar – Live at Trippink Studio by House Concerts (2021)
  3. Strange Perceptions – Mentalism by Allan Louie (2021)
  4. Open Mic Nights with Waves Culture School (2021)
  5. Comedy Nights with Shankar Chugani, Kelt Sreshth & Arnav Rao (2021)
  6. Flamenco Evening with Archana Kumar & Sanjeev Shri (2020)
  7. Busker’s Hall – Editions 1 to 4 (2019)
  8. Bengaluru Indie Film Fest (2017)
  9. Eastern Light Film Screenings (2016)
  10. Live Intimate Concerts with several musicians including Vasu Dixit, Brainbow, Over The Edge, Grungybob, Too Lions, Prasiddh, Sarjapur Blues, Nikhil Wartooth, Dara Godzuki and Muthu Kumar (2016 – present)
  11. A Talk on Art Patronage – by Akumal Ramachander (2016)
  12. Ekta’s Gatherings – Poetry, Music & Theatre Events (2016 – present)
  13. Art & Painting Workshops (2010 – present)
  14. Tattoo & Piercing Workshops (2010 – present)
  15. INKSOUL Tattoo Festival, Bangalore (2018)

Art & Culture Projects:

  1. HIJI BIJI – Abstract Expressionism Painting Series (2010 – present)
  2. BINDURA – Abstract Splattering Painting Series (2012 – present)
  3. BHANGIMA – Realism/Figurative Painting Series (2012 – present)
  4. PERMANENT BODY ART – Full Body Suit Tattoos based on Indian traditional concepts such as Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali, Saraswati, Kundalini, Chakra, Mandala & Geometric designs (2007 – present)
  5. Original Prose and Poetry Compilation in English & Bengali (2007 – present)
  6. Original Music Compositions on Piano & Guitar (2010 – present)
  7. Screenplay, Art, Music & Direction for short films with Trippink Talkies, Buddha Films & Eastern Light Films (2016 – present)
  8. The Language Project – Series of fictional short films (2016 – present)
  9. Realistic Sculpture Art with G. Paul & Sons, Kolkata (2017)
  10. Modern Sculpture Art with KS Radhakrishnan, New Delhi (2014)
  11. Murals at Once upon a Rooftop, Bangalore (2016)
  12. Murals at AAO Hostels, Mysore (2018)

Art Exhibitions:

  • 2017 – Art of Delight, Bangalore (solo)
  • 2016 – Trippink Studio, Bangalore (solo)
  • 2015 – Artizen Art Gallery, New Delhi (group)
  • 2013 – Mutuo Centre for Arts, Barcelona (group)
  • 2012 – Metafora Contemporary Arts, Barcelona (group)

Press Publications:

  • Deccan Herald, 20th July 2020
  • Times of India (Bangalore Times), November 2017
  • Economic Times, April 2017
  • DNA Bangalore, February 2012
  • Bangalore Mirror, December 2011
  • India Today Women, February 2011
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